October 11, 2011

DOLL COCO : Pre-Opening

Hello there,

The new brand, DOLL COCO is the store that is Full Mesh avatar and
Full Mesh items only for DOLL.

The DEMOs are ready now, and the grand opening will be Oct.23rd.
Please visit DOLL COCO to get the DEOMs first, not purchasing.

I hope you would like to become DOLL, like such as you will become
Robot or Furry on occasion.

All DOLL COCO items are Rigged Mesh.
The Doll's bones are different from SL standard avatars.
SL standard avatars can not wear DOLL clothes, and DOLL can not wear other clothes.

You need to use a MESH ENABLED VIEWER to see the MESH items.
(The official SL viewer, later Version 3.0.3.)