September 12, 2013

About my Doll

Hello there,
Thank you so much for your support always!

I was wondering about my dolls for a long time...and I decided to remove my old dolls and clothing (*DOLLCOCO*) at the end of September. The new dolls (*COCO*_doll) and clothing are available, of course!

I'd like to tell you a little how the doll started...
First I opened my store COCO for female clothing in 2008. Then, after trial and error, I made mesh doll avatar and clothing, and started my new brand DOLLCOCO in 2011. I couldn't make the doll's body with the same bone position as the SL regular avatar at that time. Because I wanted to make my doll which is different figure from human's avatar. So, the DOLLCOCO's doll has the original bone position different from the SL regular avatar.

Time passed, the mesh items became usual in SL. My old doll cannot wear rigged mesh items (as hairs) made by other creators. I decided to make new doll that has the same bone position of the SL regular avatar. Then, I released new doll avatar and clothing (*COCO*_doll) in March 2013.

I've separated two doll's shops, because new doll (*COCO*_doll) and old doll (*DOLLCOCO*) items cannot mix. I'm sorry if it's complicated...

The new doll's bone is based on the Standard Sizing avatar (XS). So, the new doll's height is shorter than old doll. Of course new doll's figure is also different from human's one, and the doll cannot wear mesh clothes of other creators perfectly. However, new doll can wear rigged mesh hairs, and it's possible to wear some of mesh clothing and accessories. And your shape does not deform when you change into your SL regular avatar from the doll.

Now I'm ready to make new items for *COCO* doll, and also for SL regular avatar!
I hope you will like my new doll and clothing:)
Thank you so very much!

cocoro Lemon

P.S. Not available to join in the DOLLCOCO group now.
The DOLLCOCO group will continue as *COCO* doll group.

COCO BJD & Clothing
(Mesh Doll Avatar & Clothing - SL regular bone position)